2019r2; API 2.0; Picture.Save()

What’s the replacement for Picture.Save()?

dim P as Picture //... P.Save(FI, Picture.SaveAsPNG, Picture.QualityMaximum)

“Save is deprecated” maybe wrong info?


For PNG ?

With or without last argument it says it’s deprecated…

2019r2 is freezed here, so I do not checked.

That’s a 30 minutes freeze, I think I can take it to some hot place now ;).

Not here, with an already created project. Analyze do not even say something.

Now, drag and drop freeze…

And I used:

Linux_Icon.Save(SaveFI, Picture.SaveAsPNG)

in a PushButton.Action Event… :wink:

Reported: <https://xojo.com/issue/57833>


The replacement is still called Save but it has an enumeration for the format parameter.

Thanks a lot for the info!

P.Save(FI, Picture.Formats.PNG)

Now, I got rid of all warnings;-)