2019R2.1; Plugins;

I installed 2019R2.1 and chilkatsoft components even installed in plugins directory where not found anymore.

Is the process done in a way that Xojo releases a new version and plugin developers have to rebuild there stuff and then step by step everything gets levelled up to new version?

Chilkat is found in autocomplete but when compiling it is not found…

Any idea?

Confirm that the plugin is in the right plugins folder
Clear the cache.

Each version of Xojo you have installed on your machine will have it’s own Plugin folder.

Depending on the changes to Xojo, many of the Plugins don’t necessarily need updates from the Plugin developers. But some will, depending on the nature of the changes.

Hopefully you can just copy the Plugins you have working with your current version of Xojo to the new version and you’re good to go. But do a complete shutdown of Xojo first, before adding or removing Plugins for the IDE to notice the change.

I just did a quick test in a new project with

dim CkoImap as new Chilkat.Imap

and the project compiled fine.

Thanks a lot for Your answers!

Did uninstall previous versions, reinstalled 2019R2.1, made several OS restarts -> no way!
None of the plugins work; not MBS or OfficeAutomation (Chilkat was the first error shown)

Reinstalled also 2019R2 and am I lucky this finally works!

Checked the license as I am behind a proxy, but license shown was correct after every install.

All the time I was aware of it must be something stupid; but finally did not find anything.

So, at the moment have still to use 2019R2.

Anyway, thanks a lot for any hint and tip given!!!

“Clear the cache” - PC restart is enough for that or anything else must be deleted/cleared?

(On older versions of Xojo, this was a real pain… trying to work out where the caches were stored, and deleting them.)

Now, you go to Xojo Preferences,
Building tab
And use the Clear Caches button.

Ok, did “Clear Caches” and also saved the project in another folder (what I did not before, btw…).

No success -> R2 works, R2.1 does not compile as no plugin is recognized.

So does the plugins folder of R2.1 also actually contain the plugins?
Each install has its own plugins folder.

Yes, of course!
But You are right asking, because I am really afraid of having done something stupid…
At the moment, I can’t see the fault.

Are you compiling 32-bit or 64-bit? Do the plugins match that architecture?

Can you run the following and paste the results in here?

dir "c:\\Program Files\\Xojo\\Xojo 2019r2.1\\Plugins" /b > %HOMEPATH%\\Desktop\\InstalledPlugins.txt

Have a look at Xojo->Help->About Xojo & select the Loaded Plugins button. IIRC if ANY plugin fails to load no plugins will be available.

dir "c:\\Program Files\\Xojo\\Xojo 2019r2.1\\Plugins" /b > %HOMEPATH%\\Desktop\\InstalledPlugins.txt


MBS Xojo DataTypes Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo GraphicsMagick Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo Images Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo Main Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo Overlay Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo Picture Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo SQL Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo Tools Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo Util Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo Win Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo XL Plugin.xojo_plugin

All those are listed in “Loaded Plugins” plus these:

LocalServer.copyFileC Declaration Can't find a type or module with this name Sub copyFileC(ReqJ as Chilkat.JsonObject, ResJ as Chilkat.JsonObject)

This is the error…

Can you test with only the chilkat.xojo_plugin ?
(moves the other plugins outside of that folder, in a brand new one created for the test)
When done, quit and reboot Xojo 19r2.1.

Sub copyFileC(ReqJ as Chilkat.JsonObject, ResJ as Chilkat.JsonObject)
There’s two missing a in JasonObject above (a typo ?)

Ok, thought I did but didn’t…

chilkat only runs!!!

Ok, now I can put one after another in the folder an see what’s making the problem!

Thanks a lot!!

You know what ? I’m Happy :wink:

Ok, I put the MBS plugins into folder and now the little test does not work anymore giving the chilkat error.

Christian, of course I do use not components for 2019R2.1 assuming those don’t yet exist.
As Scott said, depending on the components some run some do not.
So, I will wait until the components for 2019R2.1 MBS are out and test those.
As I need all of those installed MBS components, no reason for me to find out if one or all “fail”.

At the end I was lead to another error but also learned a lot.

Why did I not try the one by one plugin tests before, some of you may ask?
Because that was to easy… sorry…:wink:

Thanks a lot for all Your help!

Yup. <https://xojo.com/issue/57087> and <https://xojo.com/issue/58284>

For Xojo 2019r2 you need MBS Plugins Version 19.4
For Xojo 2019r2.1 you need MBS Plugins Version 19.5