2019 R3.1 converting my projects from text to binary

Hey guys,
I’m having a big issue right now that I can’t figure out. I had made some changes to my project and saved it, then pushed to GitHub. I noticed al the sudden my file was “binary” and not showing any code changes. When I come back to my project sure enough it’s now a XOJO Binary project.

I reverted my commits, made a change, and went to save. XOJO is now asking me to update minimum ID version (???), and then insisting I save as a new project file every time, and only results as binary (never gives option for text or xml).

What am I doing wrong here?

Hey guys,
Phew false alarm, I just figured out that my workstation had somehow become unliked from my XOJO license. I have re-activated it again and all is well.

I really feel there should have been some kind of warning or alert that this had happened XOJO!