2018r4 and r3 Web Designer background very light

Though I don’t experience any of the speed issues some other people are experiencing with 2018r4, I do notice that the default Web designer layout background is much lighter than it was in 2017 versions of Xojo (and prior versions). Not a big deal. It’s just that I have a number of fields that are now hard to see in Designer Mode because they blend into the background. Before I ask (via Feedback) for a way to set the default Designer Mode background color, is there a way to do that now? I don’t see how. I loved the light grey we had before, which is still present in the Desktop Designer.

The background color of the web layout editor should always have been white as that’s the default background color of a web app. You can change that color by applying a webStyle to your pages.

Ah. I see what I was doing with prior versions. I was assigning my desired background color WebStyle via code as the WebPage or Container was loaded (which was even a darker grey than the default), but didn’t care during the design phase in the IDE because the IDE default color was a light grey that allowed me to see all my white fields. I’ll now assign such a WebStyle in the IDE so I can see those fields when doing design work. Thanks, Greg.

sure about that? When I’m creating a new, empty web project and run this, the background of the WebPage is a light grey, not white. This resembled the idea of “desktop apps running in web browser” which was what Xojo’s Web target was trying to achieve. As I understood this philosophy will change with the upcoming Web 2.0 framework.
In the browser the default page background is displayed as #E8E8E8 with 2018r4 but in a way lighter grey in the IDE. For comparison I tried 2017r3 which shows the same colour in the browser and a matching one in the IDE.

I can confirm what Tobias is talking about. I noticed this in a quick test last night, but wasn’t entirely sure if this was what Ralph was talking about. The background color of an unstyled webpage in the 2018r4 IDE is not the same color as an unstyled webpage in a running app.