2018 R2 ready for web app deployment?

Hi all,

Version 2018R2 is stable for web app/sqlite deployment? No problems on your end?

I am currently using version 2018 R1.1

Thank you


2018r1.1 was unusable for me because of issues with the webfileuploader. Those appear to be fixed and my web app (compiled with 2018r2) is running well. Not using sqlite though.

We have 7 webapps in commercial production on Xojo cloud.

All of them moved to r2 last Tuesday. No reports of failure or odd behavior.

The webfileuploader fix was a god send . Thanks @Greg O’Lone !)

This is good news. I have about 10 web apps that I would like to upgrade to the latest Xojo release, but I wanted to make sure things were operating smoothly before doing so. :slight_smile: