2017r3 under Mavericks - IDE visual artefacts

The 2017r3 IDE shows some visual artefacts when running under Mavericks, as shown here:

Showing the Library and trying to alter the width of the Library pane gives the set of vertical lines. Switching to displaying a method leaves all that junk and overlays it with the information about the method.

I’ll try this under Sierra next.

http://developer.xojo.com/system-requirements ?

Support Mavericks starting at version 10.9.5. What is your version # ?

I’m on 10.9.5.

So a change (update for you if possible) from Xojo on the minimum system requirements have to be done… probably.

.[quote=363934:@Emile Schwarz]So a change (update for you if possible) from Xojo on the minimum system requirements has to be done… probably.[/quote]
Oh possibly so. I shall however submit this as a bug since, as presently stated, my Mini is satisfying the minimum requirements.

BTW:I forgot to ask if you add some plugins or if your Xojo is as clean as downloaded (to be sure there is no incompatibility with your Mavericks other than Xojo itself).

In recent threads, people forgot to mention they add Plugins from X, Y or Z vendors (and old / incompatible versions :frowning: ).

BTW: I am actually watching Doctor Who on TV (last episodes from season 8, 6 to 9).

No plugins. As far as I know, it is clean thus. I also tried opening a new project, instead of mine. Same issue.

As far as Dr Who is concerned, I want the Matt Smith series DVDs.

Right. I haven’t tested this exhaustively, but it seems to be OK under Sierra. I opened a new project and could resize the library pane OK and switch to the Inspector, everything appeared normal.

Case 50791 submitted.