2017R3 crashes under Windows 10 when loading plugins

I cannot run 2017R3 on my machine. It crashes like clockwork at launch.


I tried reinstalling and restarting the machine several times to no avail.

Considering it stopped on Loading Plugins have you tried emptying the plugins folder?

Good pick. Thanks. Now I have to go through all my plugins, and see which one actually causes this …

I works of course with the default plugins, but I need quite a few others…

I remember reading another thread where the very latest Enhughur plugins corrected a similar issue.

You are right, it was Eingugur Treeview. I removed it as well as #coreclasses, and no more crash.

Thank you, Louis.

You need 7.6 for 2017r3. And CoreClasses 6.6.2

Had the same thing happen to me this last weekend on Windows 7 x64. Yes it was older Einhugur plugins. Make sure they’re up-to-date.