2017R3 - 64 bit build - sqlite plugin not working

I use to build my desktop projects for Windows 10 and using connections to some sqlite databases as 32-bit application.
Works fine, no issue at all.
But … when building 64-bit the application is able to read from the sqlite databases but leaves the databasefile malformed when writing. Cannot even open with Navicat anymore. Tested with several projects, all the same issue with 64-bit on writing to sqlite.
Now I have to do old dirty tricks to see what and why, since I STILL CANNOT DEBUG ON 64 BIT.

Never had issues on 64 bit sqlite mac/windows.
Tried clearing the xojo caches?

Thanks Derk.
The 64-bit plugin leaves the *.db-wal and *.db-shm files existing after closing. (weird)
I was able to get the db repaired and see what was in and it looks like it crashes on an insert-into query, which works fine on 32-bit build.
For the time being I will stay with 32-bit build and try to nail it down later. (just too busy right now)

Those two files should be left there if the database doesn’t get closed properly. Sqlite is doing exactly what it’s designed to do.

I know Greg. Which implies that there is a crash just before it can close properly. Using sqlite for local storage, configs, logginbg etc. for years already, so I know how it should work. It just doesn’t when I compile 64-bit. So I have to dig in a class I wrote long ago and was without any problem on all platforms 32-bit.

@Greg O’Lone - is there a list of known issues for migration from 32 to 64 bit ?
My 64-bit application just dies before or during the process of adding a record to a sqllite database. No exception, nothing, it just disappears from the windows taskmanager leaving all files open / locked.

Have you checked windows admin tool error viewer?