2017r2.1; Flicker with tab key and resizing


I am just struggling with the flicker problem on Windows 10 64bit with Xojo 2017r2.1.

While and can say resizing does not occur very often, using the tab key to jump from text field to text field is very common, I assume.
When doing so, the controls flicker unacceptable heavy!

I understand that the problem is on Win32 site; but that seems not to be so easy.

I tried that on two different PCs; a Zotac nano with AMD and on board graphics (GPU) and a laptop HP ZBook G2 with Intel CPU (GPU) and Nvidia Quadro graphics card.
I guess, the Nvidia graphics card is not used for rendering Xojo ui.

On the Zotac with on board GPU from AMD, I turn DoubleBuffer on for canvas and I can see only minor flickering.

So, I have to use for textfield an own text field with canvas and textfield and control tab and visibility.
When I use label from GraffitiSuite, it works good, but text is not seen on form while designing (at least unpractical and no more RAD).
So, I use normal labels and switch them when opening a container control with owner drawn labels.

Any ideas to use Xojo again as a fast RAD environment tool and not a workaround-with-tricks-do-it-yourself-dont-resize-kind of software?

Also with canvas only, flickers occur on laptop and does not occur on my desktop PC.
This happens of course only when redrawing while resizing!

I installed current graphics driver on laptop and checked all other drivers to be current; didn’t help.

Can RectControl.DrawInto be used as a general approach to switch between avtive user control and drawn canvas?

Really apreciate any idea or hint or link!

Thanks a lot in advance!

We are working on a big update to the Windows framework that will dramatically reduce the flicker you sometimes see.

I should read the roadmap more attentively…
Great!!! Thanks a lot for the info!

I will not put any effort anymore into solving this; time line is very ok to me!

Also, as a temporary fix, turn off “Transparent” on the label controls. That will stop them darkening when pressing tab after moving the window. With transparent off, they can still cope with coloured backgrounds but not with an image in the background so it might not be an option if you do that.

I can’t wait for 2018r1, fingers and toes crossed.

Xojo 2018r1 Samphire
Xojo 2018r2 High Samphire