2016r4 Crash

Can someone please confirm this before I write it up:

  • Create new desktop project
  • Add a new class
  • Change new class to inherit form RuntimeException
  • Wait a few seconds and Crash!

I have it on both Mac and Windows.

I can confirm it.
… and Feedback is also dead

OK, thanks. Reported as case 46238

Went to test, discovered it won’t crash if you type in the Super. You have to use the selection sheet.

This is <https://xojo.com/issue/46121>

The give away is this entry in the stack trace

Here, 2016R4 Mac crashes very reliably when simply closing a desktop project. I am going to remove it for the time being.

Same cause actually :slight_smile:
There are 3 or 4 different manifestation of the same issue that I know of

will this one be repaired in 4.1 ?

Have you read the release notes for the 4.1 release we posted 3 days ago ?

You are right Norman, but since release notes are mostly packed with the beta and I often follow the news on an Android tablet during the weekend, these stupid questions are sometimes being asked. Sorry for that.