2015r3 + UIKit error in NSString

I’m using @Jason King 's UIKIt - thanks again for all your help Jason :slight_smile: - and since upgrading to 2015r3 I’m getting a:

In the AvailableStringEncodings method of Foundation\SString:

  declare function availableStringEncodings lib FoundationLib selector "availableStringEncodings" (class_id as Ptr) as Ptr
  const sizeOfUInt32 = 4
  dim rb_array() as NSStringEncoding
  dim m as MemoryBlock = new MemoryBlock(availableStringEncodings(ClassRef))
  dim offset as UInt32 = 0
  while m.UInt32Value(offset) <> 0
    [b]rb_array.append NSStringEncoding(m.UInt32Value(offset))[/b]
    offset = offset + sizeOfUInt32
  return rb_array

This only occurs on Build, not on Run.

What would have changed to generate this error and how should I get around it?

Probably something like
rb_array.append Ctype(m.UInt32Value(offset), NSStringEncoding)

Thanks Norman. I checked and it seems this method isn’t called by anything so I just commented the line and my app built fine. I love the faster build times by the way, but I am experiencing that IDE typing slowness that others are reporting after a short time (and quite noticeably after a build). However my 2015r3 app is built and is already in the hands of TestFlight beta users. :slight_smile:

Give me a bit. I have an updated version for r3, but I’ve been too busy today to push it :frowning: