2015r3.1 Wont save as .xojo_project on Windows 10

I just built up my HP with Windows 10 and downloaded Xojo 2015r3.1, because my company has not tested the newest versions yet. Whenever i try to save my xojo project i cannot overwrite the file it alwasy forces me to Save As and when it does i am only allowed to select the file format .xojo_binary_project.

I already tried uninstalling and repairing 2015r3.1 but still same results. Is this a bug for windows 10? because i have the same release on my windows 7 machine and everything works fine.

Do the new releases fix this issue to the point where i should start testing them and load them on the windows 10 machine?

This has been reported a few times and every instance so far has pointed to the Windows 10 install and not a bug in Xojo itself
Most common causes have been anti virus software blocking it

So do the new releases resolve this issue? Or is xojo just waiting on windows 10 to fix it on their side and until then i can only save it in the .xojo_binary_project file format?

Its NOT a Xojo bug
If there’s antivirus blocking xojo from saving that wont be something we can work around
If its windows 10 its also not something we can work around

This is how your machine is configured - at least thats how every other report of this has turned out

Also - make sure your license IS installed for that copy
If you see the buy or upgrade item in the toolbar then your license is not installed
Sign in and they will be downloaded automatically IF you have remaining activations

I understand that it is not a xojo bug or a xojo issue for that matter. However, my question is that are other people having this same problem with the newest version or is it all happening with the older versions?

We’ve seen posts with different versions
IF its your machine configuration then it wont matter what version you use

First thing I would check is as Norman suggested…
On the Win10 machine in question… IS IT RUNNING A LICENSED COPY OF XOJO?
If yes, then an issue may exist…
If no, and you are running the “free IDE” version, then this is expect, as BINARY is the only save format active for THAT version

I am on Win7 and have this issue. I cant save a “new” project as xojo_project format. only as xojo_binary_project. Now I can edit/save an existing xojo_project. So go figure. I did some work with @Norman Palardy & @Joe Ranieri to diagnose my issue but we couldnt find the offending program. Which is just my luck.

some days I hate windows (O/S) and some date I really really hate windows.

Dave S, you were exactly right. I seem to have forgotten to add my licenses to my xojo app and now everything works with them intact.


Really would be nice to issue a warning: if you open a VCP format project and you are un-licensed: “Warning, you won’t be able to save any changes”. I lost a few hours of work to that one.

If you have no license installed it should have a big BUY icon in the toolbar

2015r3.1 has given us quite a few issues as well. We had to set compatibility settings of Xojo to Windows 8 to keep it from crashing every few debug runs :-o