2015r1 Window IDE hanging when compiling debug build

The 2015r1 IDE for windows a started misbehaving this week. When trying to run large (-ish) projects in debug mode (i.e. “Project/Run”), the IDE hangs indefinitely on what appears to be the last component, but compiles normal builds (i.e. "Project/Build Application) just fine. The Progress window title shows “(Not Responding)”. 2014r3.2 doesn’t have this issue. The 2015r1 Mac IDE also happily compiles debug and normal builds.
Clearing the cache is not resolving the issue. There are no additional plugins installed.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Rebooting the PC doesn’t solve the issue either, in case someone is wondering.

Are you using an x86 (32 bits) Windows?
In this case, if you can, please switch to an x64 Windows (7 or 8.1).
Doing this I solved many problems related to large project.


Roger, please provide as much information as you can in order to have the problem reproduced by other Xojo developers.

It’s a 64-bit Win7 Enterprise machine. Not sure what other details I can provide. I’ll try and see if I can put together a demo project that exhibits the same issue.