2014r2 Webcontrol.enabled initial setting broken within containers

There are many situations in which I had to use a disabled WebTextField in place of a WebLabel within containers because of bugs (several “verified” cases already in feedback) that would misalign and cut off text.


In 2014r2, it seems all of these WebTextFields that I used to get around the original bug now ignore the enabled property. And the WebLabels still get cut off in 2014r2.

…this is getting a bit ridiculous.

Ok. It seems that pretty much EVERY type of control has this issue:

  • Checkboxes
  • Buttons
  • Popup menus
  • Sliders

I’m guessing everything. This is terrible quality control.

I made a feedback case :

So what to do while the bug report sits for the next few months? I can change the text fields to read only, but no such luck for everything else.

Separately, could a Xojo employee let us know if it’s safe to load a 2014r2 project into 2014r1? Xojo gives the standard warning, but as of right now we’re stuck with either throwing out a good amount of work done in 2014r2 and reverting to a 2014r1 backup, or trying to load the 2014r2 project into the older Xojo version.

This would be most helpful. Web Apps are unusable because of this in 2014r2 and I already upgraded 2 of my projects.

There’s nothing in r2 which should make your projects unusable in r1 that we know of.

It’s not going to sit. This is clearly a regression and it’ll be addressed in 2014r2.1 which is beta now.

Tom, you’re a beta tester. This issue existed from the very beginning of the 2014r2 beta cycle at the beginning of June. Did you not open and test your projects with the beta?

Hi Greg,

Thank you for the response and for the info.

I didn’t do much testing in r2 beta cycle. It’s our busiest time of the year and these web projects are on a deadline.

We’re fixing this for 2.1.