2014r1.1 Release notes and Heartbleed

According to the Blog the Heartbleed fix was supposed to be in 2014r1.1, but I don’t see it in the release notes.
Was this indeed part of 2014r1.1 and if so which parts of Xojo were touched to fix the bug?
I think the PostgreSQL plugin was affected, or am I wrong?

Yes, the fix is in 2014r1.1. This post discusses the parts of Xojo that were affected:

Xojo Apps and Heartbleed

Ok. Thanks for confirming, but should this not be mentioned in the release notes?
I mean, if stuff has been changed, I expect it to be in the release notes so I can test the changes to see if they have an impact on our program. For instance the Blog post mentions:

Now, we work on Windows, we use 2013r4.1 (since we have not found time to fully test if 2014r1 or 1.1 cause side effects for our program) and our app is built for and running on Windows and we use PostgreSQL with secure sockets. (we also use SSLSocket for which we created a feedback case <https://xojo.com/issue/32893>).

The Blog does not mention if there was a change to the PostgreSQL plugin under the section secure sockets. So I am left wondering if something was changed or not. If it was in the release notes, there would be no doubt.

Due to the limited time we all have, anything that can spare even a minute is welcome, so knowing what has been changed and testing that is definitely a time saver for us.

I’ve updated the release notes page on the wiki with additional information. I also updated the blog post to mention PostgreSQLDatabase. Although we strive to have the release notes be complete, due to the late-breaking nature of the heartbleed situation, we were not able to get it in the release notes for 2014r1.1. Sorry about that.

Thank you for the info. I figured PostgreSQL was affected, but wasn’t sure.

Paul, just a typo, you say “PostgreSQLDatabase w/SLL” … should be w/SSL :slight_smile:

Grr. Thanks, I’ve fixed it.