2013R3 Still Slow When Building 64-Bit

So when debugging in 64 bit this works just fine and quite quickly, but when compiling for a build it still takes a long time for a 64-Bit compile.

Right. Building would not have changed. Incremental compile is for running only.

Bummer, 32 Bit builds are substantially faster, so was hoping to see a speed increase in the 64 Bit build times, I mean taking 10+ minutes to build is a bit excessive in my opinion.

What optimization level are you using?

FWIW, we didn’t make any changes to how 32-bit builds are done. I don’t see how they could be “substantially faster”.

Was your project created with 2018r3 ?
If not, try (if it is not too large).

Also, set the project to 62Bits, save, quit, Power Off,
Power On, load Xojo 2017r3, load the project,
Delete any previous Build,

Still takes time ?