2013R3.3, I do not want French !

Nothing is worse than having a localized version when I don’t want it.

I remember reading somewhere that in order to have the English version, it was necessary to kill some pesky localization files somewhere. Anybody remember where they are ? I looked into the program folder, they are not there. There are some Mac localization files, but nothing Windows.

did you look in the Xojo folder?
in the Resources folder.

[quote=157565:@Christian Schmitz]did you look in the Xojo folder?
in the Resources folder.[/quote]

I finally found that annoying FR.mo file and exiled it. Now Xojo no longer wants to create “Application graphique” instead of “Desktop”. Who came up with this stupid translation anyway ?

Thank you Christian.

Is that one of the reasons the localized versions have been cancelled?

I bet :wink:

You could also use Language Switcher. Good for permanently or temporarily switching the language of an app. Also helpful for quickly testing the aspect of a localized app in other languages.


No. It was very time consuming and we found that most of our users were running the IDE in English anyway.