2010 Realbasic program using PICT

I have been given a project that was built using Realbasic about 6 years ago. All images used in the app for buttons and so on are all .PICT

They open perfectly on an old mac, where it all resides BUT when I try to open or import them or even use photoshop to open them… anything… on a new mac: the images are all corrupted.

So I tried using the automator to convert them in the old mac. but it fails. The output images are all corrupt too.

Only thing that works so far is to open each image individually using preview and “save as”

I have hundreds of images to convert to jpg to try and recompile the app using XOJO.

Any ideas?

Are there automator actions on the old mac to Save As / Export from Preview?
What about AppleScript to handle the batch?

GraphicsConverter app can convert them.
You may want to run it on an older OS X version which supported PICT file format.

may be try some online converter like https://www.coolutils.com/online/PICT-to-JPG

You can open them in Xojo

dim pic As Picture = Picture.Open( PictFile )

At least I can, maybe it’s an OS thing, haven’t upgraded to Sierra yet.

Either way write a loop to convert all the picts and run it on the new or old computer.

new Mac OS X versions may not support PICT. That is the real problem.
And some PICT files are bitmap, some vector graphics.

Picts open fine for me in Yosemite using the current version of Xojo.

You are right, Will, 2016R3 under Sierra opens my old Pict documents. No need to go back to older versions of the system.

Apple must have resume support somehow. Back when I took the 2002 code of Barcode Wizard with 2013R1, it did not understand Pict.

PICT has been deprecated since the first version of OS X, some fifteen years ago. If you really need support for PICT and the OS doesn’t open them, you can write your own functions that parse the files (though it might get tricky for vectors to reproduce the same image).

if xojo can load them on that older machine, or on a machine running Sierra, then it’s probably faster to just receive the images in the open document of a little test app and re-save them as png’s or jpegs depending on what they are for than to purchase and learn to use some batch processing app. It’s probably 7 lines of code in the openDocument event and then save them back out.

function openDocument( item as folderItem)
dim p as picture = picture.open( item)
if p <> nil then
dim f as folderitem = item.parent.child( item.name + “.png”)
p.save( f, picture.saveAsPNG)
end if
end function

and just compile it and drag and drop them onto the app. You can run it on the older OS version. might want to do them in small batches until you know for sure it’s working :slight_smile:

Joe, you don’t understand. YES, they have been deprecated long ago, yet, they load perfectly well in 2016R3 under Sierra. So no need to reinvent the wheel.

It did not work with 2013R1. I verified it then.

Among other tests, I was also able to verify that SheepShaver the Mac OS 9 emulator did open Pict in Mac OS document viewer, and after copying it, the clipboard was available in Sierra.