2 instances of xojo, impossible to launch the debug of two projects at the same time

Hi, I’m trying to understand how TCPsocket works with a socketServer (accepting multiple connections to the same port) and a client that should communicate with the server.

To test this I use two instances of xojo on the same pc and I send both projects, the server and the client to execution but the second fails and does not start the app. anyone have suggestions?



i try


This kind of info should be on the docs, probably in this page: https://documentation.xojo.com/getting_started/debugging/debugger_usage.html
cc. @Paul_Lefebvre

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I agree.

The source thread for that screenshot:

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It was noted here:
UserGuide:Web Apps - Xojo Documentation

And now it is also noted here:
UserGuide:Debugger Usage - Xojo Documentation


Can’t see the mention : 3 things must be unique…

The example documentation should note the app name requirements, too. That is where a lot of people trying the server <-> client examples have trouble.

You can’t debug 2 apps with the same name (eg., the default name, My Application). That has always been true. You don’t actually have to save the apps, just change the AppName for your OS in the App properties. Then you can Run them both at the same time.

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Three things need to be unique for running or debugging more than one app at the same time:

  • Application ID
  • Debug Port
  • Application Name

– Greg O’Lone - in 2015

And this tip must be on the docs.

On Windows at least, all you have to change is the app name.

App name is all I’ve needed to change on Linux.

App name only for Desktop apps. The quoted statement is about Web apps.

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A summary needs to be documented, like:

We need few unique properties for running or debugging more than one app at the same time;

For Desktop:

  • Application Name

For Web:

  • Application ID
  • Debug Port
  • Application Name

For Mobile: