<2> added to window title-desktop

Hi all, on some of my windows, the system is appending <2> to the window title. All my main input forms are windows and there are a lot of them. I suspect its related to windows being opened from within other windows. How can I stop the system from appending this to my window titles?

I’m on desktop and this happens in both windows 11 and Linux Manjaro.

Here is an example:

Did you create the window instance by copy/paste? Looks like the IDE added <2> in order to keep the control name unique.

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Yes, most of the windows were created by the duplicate function. However, each was renamed as appropriate. It doesn’t happen if the window is the first window to open i.e. from a menu selection. It does happen when the same window is opened from a button on another window.

When you open the second copy of the window do you change its title? If not something (perhaps the OS) may be adding the <2>, or even Xojo.

That’s really weird. I can’t say about Linux, as I don’t know it well enough, but Windows has no reason to modify a window’s title on its own.
Any third party app installed perhaps, which would modify the default behaviour?

Have you double-checked you don’t have some code which does that, perhaps that you’d have forgotten or you’re unaware of (shared by someone else)?
I can’t see why a single OS would do that, so two systems… it’s barely possible. Especially that it would already have been seen by someone else if it was known.