1st Xojo Web App

I have agreed to help my Step Grandson with a web project he is working on and decided this is the place to bite the bullet and get started with the Web Edition.
I have worked enough with HTML / CSS to understand how a page basically works but the mechanics of Xojo Web are… a Big Learning Curve.

Here’s what I want to do now (obviously will not be the end product). I want Jay (grandson) to have a demo of the app that he can take and show to someone. It will need a database, probably ProstgreSQL or MySQL if I have to. But right now, it’s a demo that will not be deployed on the web but will run on the localhost on a notebook.

I setup and coded the opening page, tested it and it worked fine. Next step is to add a user login and check it against a record in the DB. For simplicity now I am using a SQLite DB. I just copied by connect method from a desktop app and changed the database name - well of course that didn’t work - nil exception. So how do I tell the app where the database is? What parts need to go in the Session object and which in a Global Module (where they are now)? I want to compile it as a Standalone app for Mac OS X and run it locally. So, where do I set the port number that it will be called by?

If you can point me to the point in the docs where there are more detailed examples than I have been able to find that would be great.

Thanks guys, I always now I can get great help here - the best support forum I have ever been a part of.

The same way as usual. Point a FolderItem to the location of the SQLite database file. You may find it is easier to put it in a commonly accessible location such as SpecialFolder.ApplicationData.Child(“MyApp”).

Web DB info: