1st Web App - problem

This is my 1st web app so I have something out of sequence or I’m missing something basic.

macOS 10.12.6
Xojo 2017R3
Safari 11.0.1

I have a “welcome” screen that has 2 buttons - ‘LogIn’ and ‘Create New Account’.
When the LogIn button is clicked, a sheet type window drops down with fields for Account and Password - but for testing, I have a button that says ‘Test’ with this code in the action event:

bLoggedIn = True
Session.sUserIDSession   = "test@test.com"   
Session.sUserTypeSession = "Test"

Then I have the following code in the ‘Open’ event of the wProfile window:

sUserID = Session.sUserIDSession lblUser.Text = sUserID PopulateUI(sUserID)

The welcome screen displays properly.
The login screen appears to display properly.
When the ‘Test’ button is clicked, the code in the action event executes, control passes to the wProfile window, and the code in the wProfile Open event executes.
Except the Login screen doesn’t close, the wProfile window doesn’t display and everything just sits there.

Would someone point me to what I need to study to make this work. And just for kicks, show be the answer to this so I can get on to work…

thanks everyone,

PS: should have added that the app will deploy to Xojo Cloud but I am just running it in debug mode on local server.
and yes, I am in the Web Framework/

Sounds like you have something else going on. What you described should work fine and did work fine in my test here. Can you post a small sample project?

Problem is I signed a non-disclosure agreement about the project. I will setup a new project with essentially the same code and see what happens. I pretty much copied the login web example installed with Xojo R3.

–> Paul,

You were correct that something else is going on. I took out a bunch of stuff that might be covered by the NDA and of course it worked just fine.

So I will just have to start adding stuff back until it doesn’t work - then I’ll get back…

thanks Paul