19r2: File Type Set saw huge changes

For testing drag and drop, I fired 19r2 and tried to add a file type set.

Where is Xojo easy to use ?

All I get was a window I had to fill, no new file type button (library of pre set file types as base to create mine).

In a second, I was back to the 70s without a punch card as ignorant as a baby :(.

Xojo, you file a bad cotton.
(ask a french for a translation).

I don’t know where you are looking but on my Windows 10, Xojo 2019r2 system there is a small document icon’d button with a teensy downward-pointing arrowhead at the top-left of the FileTypes (actually, it’s now called FileTypeGroup) pane. All the preexisting types seem to be there.

Doh ! Did I forgot to open my eyes ?

I trashed 19r2, so I cannot look there anymore…