19.2.1 not loading plug-ins.

I thought at first I had a license problem but that’s not it.

I have a working system on my desktop that loads 10 plugins - 9 from MBS and 1 from Einhugur.

I downloaded and install Xojo 2019.2.1 on my Laptop so I could work on the project when on the road. Everything seems fine except it will not load any of the 10 plug-ins. No messages that I can find - they just don’t load.

where should I be looking?

Maybe you’ve already done this, but have you copied the working Plugins from your previous version of Xojo to the Plugins folder of the 2019r2.1 version?

For each version/install of Xojo, the Plugins folder needs it’s own copies.

I hope that helps.

sure, that’s been done.

When you check loaded plugins have the Database plugins managed to load? If not the IDE may be quarantined.

See also my request for Xojo to detect and warn about quarantine: <https://xojo.com/issue/58591>

Especially when it comes to the MBS SQL Plugin… you need a newer Plugin version that will work with 2019r2/3.
Don’t use “old Plugin versions” from 2019r1.1 or earlier.

Otherwise - if you’re working on Windows, the IDE might show the Plugins assumingly being loaded, even though none of them will work (because loading a single one failed).
That’s covered in <https://xojo.com/issue/57087> and <https://xojo.com/issue/58284>

Since I don’t like to load plugins I don’t use, the only plugins in the plugins folder are:

MBS Xojo CURL Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo DataTypes Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo DynaPDF Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo MacBase Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo MacCF Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo MacCG Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo MacCocoa Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo Main Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo Util Plugin.xojo_plugin

The IDE being quarantined may be a possibility - how do I determine?

sudo xattr /Applications/Xojo\\ 2019\\ Release\\ 2.1.app
You will see com.apple.quarantine listed. To clear it, use:

sudo xattr -cr /Applications/Xojo\\ 2019\\ Release\\ 2.1.app