15 Things An American Learns About…

Funny article. Kind of true :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
The show is quite good if you’ve missed it :slight_smile:


Now I know what it must feel like to be a Sweed…

Ha! Now you know what you’re missing :wink:

Personally, I would prefer an article saying 15 things the Swedes do better than other countries. It would include; Acting,food national infrastructure, speaking English, attitude to life and impersonating Vikings.

I have an amusing story that connects Alwyn and Albin. I was at a council meeting and the meeting was being chaired by a woman that spoke with what appeared to be a very faded South African accent. Since the SA and broad Australian accent sound very similar to the uneducated ear, I became fixated on this woman’s accent throughout the council presentation. I was determined to expose her and show her how good we Aussies are at detecting accents. After the presentation I approached he under the guise of asking some boring council regulation question. I said “your from South Africa aren’t you”. She looked at me with intense, sparkling, blue eyes and said, “you are close, but no, I am from Sweden”. The " you are close" part of her answer was her polite way of being sarcastic and saying ‘You couldnt be more wrong if you tried’.

or perhaps you were invading her personal space?

How a Swedish Viking cooks

You have real special nordic chefs

[quote=117925:@Torsten Gaidies]You have real special nordic chefs
Ha! Yea but he’s happy though :slight_smile:

Don’t forget the datschas, the 3 month summer holiday and the boats. I miss travelling to Sweden, it was always so relaxing. For some time my day-job company had a flight every day from the airport here in Germany to the plant there. That was totally cool: drive around the airport, go directly to the airplane and same at the other end.

Sounds sweet! I can recommend Gotland if you really want to relax :wink:
I go there about twice every year.