12 Month Subscription Anniversary Date?

I am curious about the 12 month subscription. Do these expire on the exact anniversary date of your purchase (i.e., Nov. 2 to Nov. 2 of the next year)? Or do they expire at the end of the month in which your initial purchase was made (i.e., Nov 2 to November 30 of the next year)?

Exact date, but to be clear, the version you are using at the time never expires.

@Kem Tekinay is correct. To offer more details: A Xojo license gives you access to new Xojo releases for a 12 month period. After your Xojo license expires (Nov 2, 2014 - Nov 2, 2015, for example) you may continue to build with those releases distributed during that 12 month period, indefinitely. You are never required to renew your Xojo license and can do so anytime before or after its expiration.