10 phones streaming to my web app

Possible ?

Hi, is it possible to have i.e. 10 phones, using their cameras, stream to my web-app, and I can with the same web app choose which video to watch based on the session ID’s each phone has gotten when connected to my web app. ?

I will have a master window, a button for each new sessionID/phone, I can then press preview for a phone, and then press PGM to output it to a bigger viewer and this is then captured through a videomixer for output to a large screen. (concert screens)

Is this at all possible inside xojo. (I don’t want to go a iOS/android native way) it needs to be a web-app.

Not impossible but you have to do some work.

First you need to make a Xojo Web app accept camera stream feeds. It then needs to store or it buffer it somehow for your browser to decode it. You then need to use the WebSDK to create a video element that can decode the video. You then have to get the web app to send the video it buffered from the cameras to the video tag via HTTP streaming.

There are easier ways to do it outside Xojo. Not because Xojo is incapable but simply has not been done and is a fair amount of work.

ok, thanks for the tips, I’ll pass it on to another guy that is better than me for this :slight_smile: