10.7 and 10.8 Deprecated!!!!!

I tried clicking Like multiple times on that, but it didn’t work.

'Like' has been deprecated. It has been replaced by


Now that explains a lot; you’re the guy who gets paid boatloads of cash by the British government to rename everything to something redonkulous.

Ticketperson = “Revenue protection officer”.

Yeah, 10.11 the current one. Hehe :slight_smile:

Sorry: I meant


… and Linux and Windows :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to return to the days of 10.4.11. Rock solid and fast on systems where 10.10 / 10.11 is a slug.

This goes for OS X releases:

What I recall was the last .x minor release before the next BIG releasewas a mess: many features from the big release were present, in bad shapes.

One or two minor releases before the last one were nice, what one would think that minor release (.0) have to be if matured enough before release.

Think at major release A, that have , say, 8 minor releases. A.9 is the worst while releases A.7 or A.8 (depends) can be what release 1 HAD to be if matured enough before release.

Now, with time, I have to express myself a bit less loud since I am starting to create sub-standard projects (while time ellapse and my y/o increases ! I am not like a good wine…)