10.13.3 and Print: differences with El Capitan

“Same" project running in the same Xojo IDe (2015r1) produce two differents pdfs…

The Text size is different (mainly): far smaller if printed on 10.13.3.

BTW: the print resolution set in the code is 300 dpi.

Also, there is a bug (both OS versions) with the custom paper print: resize down, resize up (a bit): this result will use (certainly) the first custom value !

Strange. I am updating this OS and dong some simple tests while the updates are downloading / installing. Else I would notnotice the change(s).

PS: the code font setting does not seems to work (I set it to courier and it does not change). Maybe after a quit/launch ? No.
I tried Zapfino… no change !

10.12 changed how fonts are handled. You need to specify the correct family name in order for it work, I can’t recall correctly, but I remember it being that you need to pass the postscript name (or it could be you mustn’t pass the postscript name anymore).

I suspect that this has something to do with it. Also I would recommend not trying to force a DPI. The macOS has the ability to auto scale it for you. So leaving it on default and adjusting your code might provide more consistent results.

Thank you Sam.

The difference (I saw) was on the size ((half the asked size ?).

The font name not changed ? I will explorate a bit, but I feel a simple bug (in Mac OS).

Sorry: even I do not understand what this was…
Now I recall: in Xojo Preferences, changing Default font name (to display code in the IDE) to whatever does not change anything. Not printing related at all. My fault. Sorry.

About the Postscript name:
The only time I saw a Font Postscript name, that wwas 25 years ago when I used Fontographer (if my memory is correct) and its construction as like: Base Name: standard style; add -Bold for a bold style version, -Italic … etc.

Where can we read PostScript names in the OS (application ?) when we do not have such a beast ?
I do not saw PostScript Font since … JC ? Moses ? Abraham ? (look: I do not even know when I saw a PostScript Font for the last time).

DPI: I forced the resolution to 300 dpi for image quality:

printer.MaxHorizontalResolution = 300 printer.MaxVerticalResolution = 300