Welcome to the Xojo community! This forum is for everyone interested in Xojo. You do not need a Xojo license to participate in this forum. These guidelines are designed to make this forum a pleasant environment for all.

Basic Guidelines:

  • Write posts and comments that make this forum a helpful and inclusive place.
  • Treat people as you wish to be treated.
  • Don’t break laws.

More Guidelines:

  • Add to the discussion with constructive comments.
  • Do not make personal attacks. Criticizing ideas by means of reasoned arguments is an important part of discussion. Resorting to personal attacks is not.
  • Help keep things organized and in the right channel.
  • Members that want to promote their products should start their own thread, rather than posting on a competitors’ topic.
  • Code should use the </> tag in the formatting controls rather than linking to code on other websites or blogs whenever possible in order to maintain the posts’ viability.
  • Do not spam or mass-advertise to forum members via any means.
  • Do not abuse, defame, harass or expose the private information of others.
  • Do not derail a discussion.
  • Do not cross-post or repost content removed by a moderator.
  • Do not spread lies and misinformation.
  • Offensive or abusive language, hate speech, obscene or sexually explicit content is absolutely not tolerated.
  • Do not post code or information that you do not have permission to post or is not licensed appropriately for public dissemination (such as MIT, GPL, LGPL).
  • Do not post links to blogs or websites that share privileged or internal Xojo company information.
  • Do not advertise or promote other companies or products, including posting links, which may compete with Xojo, Inc.
  • Violations of the letter or spirit of these guidelines will result in penalties, ranging from a warning to permanent suspension, as deemed appropriate by moderators.


If you have any questions or concerns about the rules or an action taken, contact a moderator or reach out to Xojo at hello@xojo.com.

Forum access is controlled via your xojo.com account and is turned off by default for privacy reasons; you can enable forum access in your forum account. Be aware that with forum access enabled, your profile will be listed in the forum members list and your name is displayed with your posts on the forum. Forum access, including access to pre-releases, is not guaranteed, regardless of license type. We believe in the right to be forgotten, if you wish to request your account be deleted please contact us. All participants are equally subject to these guidelines.