iOS: Tinder-like swiping possible?

  1. last week

    Marcel Z

    Jan 11 Kirn, RP, Germany.

    I never used Xojo for iOS. Only Web & Mac - until now.

    Would it be possible to code a Tinder-like GUI, with swiping cards to the left and right?
    Or is this to special for Xojo?

    Is there a plugin or something for a Tinder-Navigation I could buy for Xojo?

  2. Jason K

    Jan 11 Pre-Release Testers

    Using iOSKit you could add a swipe gesture recognizer to a canvas and then change what is displayed when the swipe event is triggered. So definitely possible and should be pretty easy even.

  3. Marcel Z

    Jan 12 Kirn, RP, Germany.

    Thank you. Thats looking good, but is there something more "neutral"?

    My big hope would be, that I can use the same source code or a lot of the souce code for iOS and in the upcoming Xojo for Android.
    If I use ioskit, I think, I have to rewrite most of the code. :(

  4. Christoph D

    Jan 12 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro

    Unless Xojo Inc adds this there no change for it.

  5. Gavin S

    Jan 12 Pre-Release Testers UK

    Proper gesture support (swipes, flicks, pinches, touch and hold and more) should have been there from day 1. They're one of the defining features of iOS. Without them, it's akin to having a Mac app without mouse support.

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