SmartData™ for SQLite

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  2. 7 months ago

    Alwyn B

    21 Jun 2017 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro Johannesburg, South Africa

    {Zoclee}™ SmartData v2.0.11 is now available for download .

    Release Notes:

    [Fix] Implemented event handler for unhandled exceptions.
    [Fix] Arrows now indicated clearly that query toolbar is draggable.
    [Fix] Fixed issue where query editor covers whole window.
    [Fix] Moved About menu to the application menu on OS X.
    [Enhancement] Removed flicker when resizing layout.
    [Enhancement] Last window position is now only saved once in Close event.
    [Enhancement] Removed all code that could possibly maximise the main window.
    [Enhancement] Created more subtle highlighting for NULL values.
    [New] Database file path is now shown in caption.
    [New] Row filter.
    [New] Run queries using the Ctrl+Enter shortcut.
    [New] Populate tables with test data.
    [New] Windows 64-bit installer.

    I think the one new feature that has the greatest impact is the new row filter (see image below). The row filter is a quick search to find rows with specific values. Anything you type into the row filter is used to only display rows that contains the search text. SmartData automatically searches all the columns for you.


  3. Alwyn B

    26 Jun 2017 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro Johannesburg, South Africa
    Edited 7 months ago

    {Zoclee}™ SmartData v2.0.12 is now available for download .

    @Dave S it can't handle large tables (million + rows)....

    This is a very important update for it contains lots of optimisations for better efficiency and for dealing with very large tables. The issue that Dave pointed out of dealing with large million+ row tables have been fixed.

    Release Notes:

    [Fix] Changes are now only updated once when a cell looses focus.
    [Fix] Fixed runtime error when clicking outside of column range.
    [Fix] Fixed application icon on 64-bit installs.
    [Enhancement] Improved loading speed of table rows.
    [Enhancement] Improved loading speed of query results.
    [Enhancement] Cell can now be edited by double clicking on it.
    [Enhancement] Table now automatically scrolls when inserting new rows.
    [Enhancement] 32-bit/64-bit are now indicated in caption and installer.
    [New] Added grid lines to tables.
    [New] Added refresh button to quickly reload table.

  4. I will take a look at Lexing. In the meantime I did create a feature request ticket for Syntax Highlighting, so expect to see it in a future version.

  5. Alwyn B

    1 Jul 2017 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro Johannesburg, South Africa
    Edited 7 months ago

    {Zoclee}™ SmartData v2.0.13 is now available for download .

    This version mainly focused on tweaking the user experience of the existing features, and fixing some issues gathered from user feedback.

    You can now access your recent files conveniently from the toolbar:


    See the rows affected by your queries:


    Apart from all the improvements, we have also added a free 30 day trial period to SmartData which will now give you full access to all features for 30 days during your evaluation period.

    Release Notes:

    [Fix] Scrollbar is now hidden when no is table selected.
    [Fix] Fixed issue with determining of unique constraints.
    [Fix] Disabled column sorting on data grid.
    [Fix] Database is no longer marked as changed by error query runs.
    [Fix] Fixed issue where an error is reported with queries containing semicolons.
    [Fix] Fixed issue where scrollbar does not get reset to the first position.
    [Fix] Restoring window no longer gets stuck on maximum screen size.
    [Fix] License expiry time is now reported correctly.
    [Enhancement] Schema can now only be changed when all existing data changes are committed.
    [Enhancement] Changed "Open" to "Connect".
    [Enhancement] Changed "Save" to "Commit".
    [Enhancement] A rollback is now automatically performed with errors on table changes.
    [Enhancement] Row filter is now preserved during query runs.
    [Enhancement] Moved query toolbar icons to left.
    [Enhancement] Increased SQL history item limit to 2000 unique queries.
    [Enhancement] SQL history is now shared instantly between {Zoclee}™ SmartData instances.
    [Enhancement] Columns now autosized on first load.
    [Enhancement] Custom column widths are now preserved for duration of connection.
    [New] Added query results label that reports rows affected.
    [New] Pressing Enter or Down Arrow in Row Filter changes focus to the row listbox.
    [New] Recent connections can now be accessed directly from toolbar.
    [New] Built in 30 days free trial period.

    Enjoy :)

  6. 6 months ago

    Alwyn B

    5 Jul 2017 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro Johannesburg, South Africa
    Edited 6 months ago

    {Zoclee}™ SmartData v2.0.14 is now available for download .

    This release contains plenty of bug fixes and enhancements.

    Release Notes:

    [Fix] Added error trapping for loading of recent items.
    [Fix] Database create window is now closed immediately upon creation.
    [Fix] "Add column" text now fits on button (OS X).
    [Fix] Fixed runtime error when clearing BLOB.
    [Fix] Changing text case is now detected correctly as a database change.
    [Fix] Fixed issue where row selection is cleared on scroll.
    [Fix] Fixed issue with row scrolling when using arrow keys and PgUp and PgDown.
    [Fix] Row filter is now honoured in CSV export.
    [Fix] Fixed issue with CSV export of selected rows.
    [Enhancement] Changed "Open" to "Connect" in file menu.
    [Enhancement] Table name is now highlighted when table editor opens.
    [Enhancement] Columns can now be resized in table editor.
    [Enhancement] Column name receives focus when adding a new column in the table editor.
    [Enhancement] An untitled column is no longer added automatically when creating a new table.
    [Enhancement] Multiline SQL queries are now shown as single lines in SQL history explorer.
    [Enhancement] Increased datagrid row height.
    [Enhancement] Moved query toolbar back to middle of window.
    [Enhancement] Tables are now listed in alphabetical order.
    [Enhancement] Query result columns are now autosized.
    [Enhancement] Removed column types from CSV heading titles.
    [New] Added ability to remove queries from query history.
    [New] Row count is now displayed above datagrid.

  7. Alwyn B

    19 Jul 2017 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro Johannesburg, South Africa
    Edited 6 months ago

    Ok, so after some major refactoring the next release is finally ready. I had to make some big changes in the architecture of SmartData in preparation for upcoming features.

    Download SmartData

    @Joost R @Alwyn B - you could consider using the Lexing control to provide syntax SQL highlighting .
    I use it in my query-builder project for more than a year now and it works super.

    The biggest improvement to this version is syntax highlighting. I eventually decided however to bite the bullet and write a new syntax highlighter from scratch using the Xojo Canvas as a base. The reason for this is that I'm planning some very advanced editing features, for which I will need a custom text editor anyways, so I thought I might as well go through the effort now rather than later.

    Here is a screenshot of the new syntax highlighting.


    The syntax colour scheme comes in three flavors, namely night-mode (dark), day-mode (light) and switched off. You can easily switch between them by simply clicking the black-and-white button above the query editor. SmartData will automatically remember your last chosen colour scheme setting.


    I've tested the colour schemes with two colour blind users. Both of them were able to use the colour schemes as is. Any feedback on the colour schemes are welcome though and would be greatly appreciated.

    Here is a full list of the release notes for this version:

    [Fix] Boolean values can now be updated.
    [Fix] On update errors cell values are now changed back to previous value.
    [Fix] New row inserts are now performed independent from column type.
    [Fix] Column types are no longer exported as part of header in CSV exports.
    [Fix] Fixed Shift selection of rows.
    [Fix] Fixed page flash when inserting new rows.
    [Fix] Ctrl+A now correctly selects all rows.
    [Fix] Fixed positioning of SmartData logo.
    [Fix] Fixed issue where key down scrolls rows off screen.
    [Enhancement] Major refactoring in support of upcoming features.
    [Enhancement] Slightly reduced row heights.
    [Enhancement] Created more subtle highlighting for BLOB values.
    [Enhancement] Columns in CSV import preview can now be resized.
    [Enhancement] Row filter is now honoured in CSV export.
    [Enhancement] Increased minimum width limit of row listbox.
    [Enhancement] Increased wheel row scroll step.
    [Enhancement] Only fully visible rows are now displayed.
    [New] Syntax highlighting.

    Happy querying :)

  8. Alwyn B

    Jul 27 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro Johannesburg, South Africa
    Edited 6 months ago

    SmartData™ v2.0.16 is now available for download .

    This release makes some improvements to the query text editor, and switched to the Solarized colour scheme, A screen shot of the new syntax highlighting is given below.

    Another very useful feature that was added is that you can now very quickly add new rows by just double clicking on the first empty row below the last row in a table (instead of having to move the mouse all the way up to the toolbar to click on the Insert Row icon).


    Release Notes:

    [Fix] Fixed selected text highlighting that does not clear.
    [Fix] Double clicking in query editor now works on Linux again.
    [Fix] Linux: Fixed encryption algorithm text being cut off on Create Database window.
    [Fix] Fixed About window title caption.
    [Fix] Syntax editor now returns text in a UTF8 encoding.
    [Fix] Horizontal scrollbar position is now preserved.
    [Enhancement] Changed syntax highlighting to Solarized colour scheme.
    [Enhancement] Re-branded application exclusively as SmartData™.
    [Enhancement] A new row can now be added by double clicking on the last row.
    [New] Query editor can now be navigated with Ctrl+Left/Right Arrow.

    Any feedback is welcome and appreciated.

  9. Alwyn B

    Aug 1 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro Johannesburg, South Africa

    SmartData™ v2.0.17 is now available for download .

    This is just a maintenance release that fixes a few minor issues, and switched to a tree view of the database instead of a table list view.

    Release Notes:

    [Fix] Fixed runtime error when closing database while changing table name.
    [Fix] NULL values are now correctly exported as null values with CSV exports.
    [Fix] Linux: Fixed encryption algorithm text being cut off on Create Database window.
    [Fix] Affected row count is now cleared on rollback.
    [Enhancement] BLOB values are now exported as Base64 encoded values with CSV exports.
    [Enhancement] Significantly improved scrolling speed of table rows.
    [New] Switched to a tree view for the database.

  10. 5 months ago

    Alwyn B

    Aug 14 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro Johannesburg, South Africa

    SmartData™ v2.1.0 is now available for download .

    With this version you can quickly plot line charts of your data using the "Charts" icon on the toolbar.


    No scripting is required to plot your data, and you simply select the columns you want to plot with the click of a button.

    Below is a chart of some accelerometer data that I logged on my iPhone to a SQLite database, while I was jumping up and down. (Just don't ask why I'm logging acceleration data of me jumping up and down with my phone if you want to stay in the realm of sanity).


    Hope you enjoy this new data visualisation feature :) If you do have any specific data visualisation requirements, please send through your feature requests using the Feedback button on the toolbar.

    Release Notes:

    [Fix] Added back notification to commit changes before editing table.
    [New] Added update menu item.
    [New] Plot line charts with data.

    Happy querying.

  11. Alwyn B

    Aug 15 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro Johannesburg, South Africa

    SmartData™ v2.1.1 is now available for download .

    This is just a maintenance release, with added support to export tables as JSON. Thank you to Jean-Paul for pointing out the bugs listed in the release notes.

    Release Notes:

    [Fix] Fixed greyed out "Create Table" icon on toolbar.
    [Fix] Encodings are now preserved correctly for UTF8 CSV file imports.
    [Enhancement] CSV and JSON exports can now be done with the free version of SmartData™.
    [Enhancement] Double clicking a row in the query history window now runs the selected query.
    [Enhancement] Added JSON and CSV filters to export SaveAs dialogs respectively.
    [Enhancement] Added SQLITE filter to connection file dialog.
    [New] Export table as JSON array.

  12. Alwyn B

    Sep 1 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro Johannesburg, South Africa
    Edited 5 months ago

    @Dave S doesn't support table VIEWS, Indexes or Triggers (or so it seems)

    SmartData™ v2.1.2 is now available for download . In this release support for indexes (or indices, still not sure which spelling is correct), has been added. Views and Triggers will be added in future versions.

    Release Notes:

    [Fix] Chart icon now only enabled when a table is selected.
    [Enhancement] Improved wheel scrolling.
    [Enhancement] Improved loading speed of table list.
    [Enhancement] Website link in About Window is now clickable.
    [Enhancement] Added activation button to license view.
    [Enhancement] Added .db extension to open database file dialog.
    [Enhancement] Added file extensions to create database file dialog.
    [New] Licenses can now be activated by signing in.
    [New] List indices.
    [New] Create index.
    [New] Delete index.

    Enjoy :)

  13. 4 months ago

    Alwyn B

    Sep 12 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro Johannesburg, South Africa
    Edited 4 months ago

    Happy to announce that SmartData™ v2.1.3 is now available for download .

    You can now dump (export) your database as either a SQLite or a MySQL script. This gives you the ability to easily port your SQLite database to a MySQL database without much effort.

    Also made a few minor tweaks and fixes.

    Release Notes:

    [Fix] Running CREATE queries now updates database tree correctly.
    [Fix] Wheel scroll now works with query editor.
    [Fix] Query text can no longer be scrolled past last line.
    [Fix] Query text vertical scrollbar now resets correctly when loading new query.
    [Fix] Fixed issue where screen freezes when announcements are displayed.
    [Fix] Query history window now resizes correctly.
    [Enhancement] Changed query history icon.
    [New] Table columns can now be sorted again by clicking on their headers.
    [New] SQL dumps in SQLite format.
    [New] SQL dumps in MySQL format.

  14. Mathias M

    is not verified Sep 12 Pre-Release Testers Bruges, Belgium

    Hi Alwyn! Your product seems very nice!
    But I have a question, from developer to developer. Is there really a business in these kind of programs? It seems that already a couple of good programs exist that do the same as SmartDate, sometimes even free or open-source. Where is the USP in SmartData? Or is SQLite so popular these days that there is no need for USP's as everybody needs an editor and they pick the one that feels good for them?

    Thanks for you answer! It's really a question out of curiosity!

  15. Alwyn B

    Sep 12 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro Johannesburg, South Africa
    Edited 4 months ago

    Hi Mathias,

    You're asking some good (and tough) questions. I think a USP is always important, especially when you want to monetise a product or build a business around it.

    When I made the decision to turn SmartData into a commercial product, I knew there were going to be a lot of competitor products, but I plan to grow SmartData into a UNIQUE user experience with time.

    There certainly is a huge variety of very good SQLite editors out there, and my goal is most certainly not to build a tool that simply replicates what is already available.

    I'm a big fan of the lean startup methodology, and am currently in the process of establishing user feedback loops for validated learning. By listening very closely to my users and customers, I plan to use their feedback to learn what is most important to users when it comes to working with data.

    So what is currently SmartData's USP? I suppose at this point I would claim that to be its simplicity and efficiency. It gets the basic job done quickly and efficiently, without needing many bells and whistles that complicates the job.

    My long term vision for SmartData... to grow it into a data solution that goes beyond just being an editor for SQLite. You might have noticed that in the latest release I'm already starting to bring in MySQL.

    I guess I would like to see SmartData grow into a solution for Big Data, that can extract information, and put that information to good use, and help my customers and users make the best possible use of their data.

  16. scott b

    Sep 12 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro local coffee shop

    @Alwyn B I think a USP is always importan

    what is USP?

  17. Paul B

    Sep 12 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro Europe (UK, Somerset)

    Unique Selling Point I believe.

  18. Emile S

    Sep 12 Europe (France, Strasbourg)

    Unique Selling Proposition ?

    Many other entries in Google, but this one seems to be the one.

  19. Alwyn B

    Sep 12 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro Johannesburg, South Africa
    Edited 4 months ago

    I suppose USP can refer to both Unique Selling Point and Unique Selling Proposition.

    UVP is also important... Unique Value Proposition. Basically, what unique value does your product or service give your users and customers in terms of the solution that it provides.

  20. Mathias M

    is not verified Sep 14 Pre-Release Testers Bruges, Belgium

    Thanks Alwyn for the detailed explanation!
    I meant Unique Selling Point indeed, that's one of the few business words I know :)

  21. 3 months ago

    Alwyn B

    Oct 19 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro Johannesburg, South Africa
    Edited 3 months ago

    SmartData™ v2.1.5 is now available for download .

    The biggest improvement in this release is that you can now run SmartData on your Raspberry Pi.

    Release Notes:

    [Fix] Fixed icon of Windows 64-bit executable.
    [Enhancement] Improved selection highlighting in query editor.
    [Enhancement] Recompiled binaries optimised for speed.
    [New] SmartData™ is now available on Raspberry Pi.

    Happy querying.

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