Central Florida Xojo User Group

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  2. 4 years ago

    Seth O

    24 Feb 2016 Testers, Xojo Pro Florida/England/California/NY/...
    Edited 4 years ago

    I'm coming from Orlando..

  3. Hal G

    24 Feb 2016 CampSoftware.com

    @Douglas d;Stwolinska is coming depending on a timing issue. We're going to ride together if he can make it.

  4. Hal G

    24 Feb 2016 CampSoftware.com

    We're going to stick with Houligan's in Palm Coast for dinner at 7pm tonight.

    Houligan's on Google Maps: http://j.mp/1Kt9kak
    50 Plaza Dr #106, Palm Coast, FL 32137

  5. 2 years ago

    Hal G

    11 Jun 2018 CampSoftware.com

    Just revisiting this. Anyone interested in a Central Florida Xojo Meetup?

  6. Jim S

    11 Jun 2018 Central Florida

    I would be interested.


  7. Seth O

    11 Jun 2018 Testers, Xojo Pro Florida/England/California/NY/...

    I was going to get this started at one point (c'mon, it's gotta be called FLUX--FLorida Users of Xojo, right?), but got swamped with other responsibilities and wasn't able to. If someone else can put in the legwork, there's a good chance I can provide a meeting location in the downtown Orlando area.

  8. Lewis P

    11 Jun 2018 Xojo Pro

    Orlando or Atlanta would be great for me as I live in the Panhandle of Florida. If Orlando, I would make it a vacation and take the family to Disney as well!

  9. Gary S

    11 Jun 2018 St Augustine FL

    I live in St Augustine FL
    I am interested depending on the exact date.

  10. Anthony M

    11 Jun 2018 Xojo Pro Orlando, Florida

    I'm interested and I'm in Orlando

  11. Hal G

    1 Jul 2018 CampSoftware.com

    Should we wait for school to get back in session before we have an Orlando Xojo meet up so we can all get back to our 'regular' schedules?

    In general, what day of the week and time of day would work for you?

    I'd prefer:

    • Thursday or Friday Daytime, maybe over lunch.
    • Weekday Evening, maybe over dinner.
    • Weekends, but family stuff makes weekends chaotic.
  12. Jim S

    1 Jul 2018 Central Florida

    I live 60+ miles northwest of Orlando and am busy most mornings. That makes lunches most days (except Monday,Sunday) a problem. Mid afternoon or later would be a better fit for me.


  13. Anthony M

    1 Jul 2018 Xojo Pro Orlando, Florida

    Thursday or Friday Daytime, over lunch would work for me

  14. Aaron S

    11 Jul 2018 Testers, Xojo Pro San Diego, CA

    I am moving to West Palm Beach from CO in about a month...would love to be involved. Thanks!

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