Xojo 2022R3 crashes on macOS Ventura beta 11

And… The RC is out.


Yes, happens with that release.

Then, an example project attached to the Issue will certainly help… Is that possible? (I guess you cleared caches and all the usual stuff)

Please send us the crash dump when the compiled app crashes since that should be different and we’re curious to know how different.


@Javier_Menendez That’s a relief, clicking on a Window and having it crash makes me paranoid at loosing unsaved changes.

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Not needed anymore. Beta 3.1 Build 58245 solved the problem! No crashes anymore. Thank you for fixing this!


Great, but I can’t find where to download that beta… is there a link for pro license users?

Email hello@xojo.com and request access, as a tester, to the beta testing area.

We can’ provide it here without breaking the rules.

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Thank you! Or I have to wait for the official release that surely will be not released today ;-(

Yep :hourglass_flowing_sand:

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Asked right now, hoping for a quick answer. Thanks a lot!

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It may take hours anyway…


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Seems someone is woke up due to the thunderstorm. Thanks to all!


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