Xojo 2022R3.1 crashes galore

About which known issues do you talk? Until now I didn‘t receive any bug or crash report from my customers related to one of my apps running under Ventura….

Exactly. Ventura is awful but not because of a dylib problem.

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So you guys are saying that only the IDE crashes loading libraries and not our Intel AND M1 apps produced using the same routines our IDE uses, that’s a relief. So the random crashing bug maybe is on the IDE, maybe located somewhere near pluginBridge + FolderItem where the crash usually seems reported. I’ll let more people experimenting producing apps with the current unstable state of affairs but wait for Xojo declaring that they reached stability before jumping in.

I use minimal plugins. Only those built into Xojo it’s self, not even the stock db plugins. I’ve never seen a single crash in either Xojo or my application.

It may need some configuration to trigger some bugs. I do remember for example, during the Ventura betas, a crashing bug affecting some people with more than one monitor, but not those with only one, for example. That one was fixed, Apple side.

@ChristopheDV Your instabilities are gone with the latest Xojo beta?

Sadly not. I still cannot run Xojo whatsoever. Most say it does run after several launches. Not the case here.

Please give the latest Ventura 13.1 Beta a try - I can now start Xojo with my full set of plugins (59 plugins incl. the Xojo ones) without problems - tried 5 times…

Looks like Apple did changes something in the dylib loading process…

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I already tried this. And it’s still crashing here.

Still a problem in 13.1 beta 4.

Have they (at apple) commented on your bug ticket in any way ?

Sorry, no.