XOJO 2022 r 3.2 crashing on Mac OS 13.3.1(a)


When I open XOJO 2002 r 3.2 it will do its loading thing then crash.
I get these error messages -

I’ve tried restarting my Mac but no luck.

Mac OS 13.3.1(a)
4.2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7
XOJO 2022 r 3.2

2002 ?

2022r3.2 right?

Can you update to 2022r4.1/2023r1.1?

Fixed a bug in System.Version for macOS (13.2, after installing Security A)

If not, are you willing to remove the (a) patch from your macOS?

Edit: your mac apps (if you are selling/giving to others) may fail on their system if they have the security patch)

Do you mean 2022 r 3.2 ? Then switching to 2022 r 4.1 or newer will be the solution as that version fixes the bug with the (a) in the system.version string…

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Opps yeah I meant 2022…

My license expired Nov 2022.

yeah I can remove the (a) patch, hopefully that will work.

*fixed typo.

Also, try clearing your Xojo Caches
~/Library/Caches/Xojo/[Your Version]
There is also a “com.xojo.xojo” folder in the caches folder as well, not sure if that needs removing.

Ok removing the (a) patch worked.

Anyone know if the issue will be fixed on Apples side for the next update/release ?


If you mean that if Apple release 13.3.2 or 13.4 then you will not get this problem, the answer is most likely yes.

I see. Cool!


It may return at any time later though

To be clear, this is not an Apple problem but a Xojo problem.
Anytime Apple releases a rapid security update resulting in the version being XX.YY.ZZ (a), the problem will happen again.
As your license expired in November 2022, you could ask for a license grace period allowing you to use 2022r4.1 which fixes part of the issue.

If you are not able to use a newer version of Xojo, make sure you

  1. Don’t install rapid security updates
  2. Don’t ever use System.Version in your apps
  3. Don’t make iOS apps
  4. Don’t make apps for Chinese or Japanese markets

The underlying issue will only be completely fixed in Xojo 2023r2 which isn’t released yet.



This is an advice acquire (notably) from these last weeks experience:

Read the (titles of the ) Forum regularly: you will know if something wrong exist before some client tells you.

Read macrumors.com regularly (the titles), same as above.

If you do that, you will be surprised, but you will stop believing YOUR application is in fault AND be albe to act far more after the facts.

For more information, look at the reports about this Xojo bug in this Forum.