XOJO 2017r3 Problems From 2015r3.1

I need to select a picture to load to the canvas but if I select from my computer folder works no return nil but if I select from iPhone folder return nil. So no error at all

    Dim f as FolderItem
    f = GetopenFolderItem("image/any")
    if f <> nil  then  <<<< Return Nil
      if f.exists then
        dim p as picture
        p = Picture.Open(f)
        if p = nil then 
          msgbox "Could not open " + f.nativepath  + " as a picture"
          EZCanvas21.setPicture p
        end if
        msgbox "File does not exist"
      end if
    end if
  Catch e As OutOfBoundsException
    ' The above exception is caught here for you to handle
    MsgBox "Error" + e.Message
  End Try