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Use the exact path to the exiftool

I have ExifTool-10.37 installed. Downloaded it from http://www.sno.phy.queensu.ca/~phil/exiftool/

I have this…

[code] sh.execute "exiftool -artist copyright=Richard Summers " + SelectedFile

'Dim cmd as string
'cmd = "exiftool -Copyright © Richard Summers 2017. All rights reserved."  + SelectedFile
'sh.execute cmd

If sh.errorCode = 0 then
  msgbox "No error"
  msgbox "Error " + Str(sh.ErrorCode)
end if


a SPACE is before the double quote preceding the + selectedfile

and I get error 127


use the absolute path to EXIFTOOL as the command

 sh.execute "<absolute path to exiftool here> .....

After installing EXIFTOOLI cannot find its location, search does not find it… so I cannot get the absolute path to EXIFTOOL.

Any suggestions?



search wont search everything so not surprising

in terminal try

    which exiftool

and see if it tells you

Tim, Lennox, Dave, Sam, Norman - due to your helpful posts, I now have it working as expected :slight_smile:
I added /usr/local/bin/ to the beginning of the sh.execute command, and also added a space before the closing parenthesis.

Thank you very much for your helpful posts - it’s much appreciated.