Windows 10 USB CDC Serial

Any updates on this? Status in Feedback is verified (3 months ago) but no updates/news since then. Going on a year of busted USB functionality in Windows 10…somehow not surprised.

I believe it has also been the top ranking bug, rather than feature request, since late last year.

As Xojo Inc. seems unable to fix their own code, maybe someone should try working around it by using declares. Serial is not that complex, there should be only a few calls to make.

Weekday bump to see if we can get any official feedback on this issue. Can anyone from Xojo let us know what the status is for this issue? Thanks.

Now weekly bump to see if we can get any official feedback on this issue. Can anyone from Xojo let us know what the status is for this issue? Thanks.

Would a Xojo adjusted port of this API and example: Serial port programming on Visual Basic with Windows API work?

BTW, shouldn’t it say DCD instead of CDC?

I believe CDC is right: USB communications device class

Thanks for clarifying, Carlos. I had been on the wrong track.

This is ridiculous. Can you guys (Xojo) at least give us an indication of whether this is ever going to get fixed? If this had anything to do with web or mac it would have been fixed already…

This is likely due to a bug in Windows 10 that we had hoped would be fixed by now in the Anniversary update. Some other things have also been bitten (like Qt), and some have not. We have this on our list to look at for 2016r4.

@Geoff Perlman - How do you explain that many other apps do not have a problem with this, then? The OP explained that he can do the same in Python without issues, for example. So maybe Xojo’s code has always been doing something wrong, and it just didn’t matter until now. We seem to be going in circles here, playing the blaming game instead of someone trying to figure out why this works in other implementations. I suspect it has to do with the fact that the polling is done wrong. In fact, wasn’t there already someone pointing out where the problem is with another software that had the same issue, alng with a suggestion how to fix this?

You can read the Feedback case for how Qt was likely impacted by the same Windows 10 bug as well. Not everything was, obviously. But as Geoff said, we have this on our list for 2016r4 whatever form that takes.

[quote=237217:@Thom Leiding]@Derk Jochems
I am communication with an 32U4, in the form of an Arduino Leonardo (and a compatible), via USB (virtual COM port). Settings are 115200 baud, 8 bits, NP, 1 sb. I am not specifying any encoding.


Arduino leonardo requires ftdi VCP driver i think.
It can simulate usb/keyboard/mouse but that’s what you don’t need.

If i’m correct it has 2 hardware serial ports. My leonardo worked with xojo on windows 10 using XON flow control. Also make sure you try XmitWait after sending data as it’s half-duplex.