Window won't close - SOLVED

Do I understand that correctly:

  1. Menu > Quit: works
  2. Window > red close button: works
  3. CloseWindowMenuItem > MenuHandler for CloseWindowMenuItem: the application does not quit and the window stays visible

#1 does NOT work
#2 does work
#3 - how is this different than #1… or did you think I had an additional menu command (which I do not)

#1 and #2 are the methods

For me this is the same as number 2. If the only code in the menu handler is Self.Close(). I would never call App.Quit from a window – sometimes this did not work for me.

no where did I say I did this… there is no QUIT command anywhere in the code
I am attempting to follow proper procedure…
#1 - App is requested to close… it closes all windows
#2 - WIndow is requested to close, and App quits if all windows are closed (via AutoQuit=true)

Nowhere did I say you said this. It was my explanation that in the CloseWindowMenuItem menu handler I always have Self.Close() (when using AutoQuit) and not App.Quit.

Do you have a menu handler implemented for the FileQuitMenuItem (in App, not in the window)?


In the canvases do you use Picture instances? Or FolderItems to load image files?

Norm, Bob … I did what you suggested… nothing changed…

Eli - there are 3 canvas

  • two are used as a containers, and has only FillRect in its PAINT, with no other events
  • the third has a DrawPicture command

Maybe something is preventing the release of the picture?

Would it be possible to post the project (or make a sample project to emulate the issue)?

SOLVED … Thanks to Tim

I was using


changing it to


solved the problem… Thanks Tim