Window.Show is instant, Window.Visible=True is not

Updating the reference would also be a good thing: “If True, the window will be visible when it is opened. After it is opened, setting Visible to False is equivalent to calling the Hide method. Or, if the window not initially shown, setting Visible to True is equivalent to calling the Show method.”

That wasn’t even true in the Carbon days, since Show also triggers the Z-Index.

Now, setting visible to True just does nothing.

Congratulations. You found what I believe to be a very real and nasty bug here.

43732 - Window visible = true does not work. Once window invisible never comes back.

OS: OS X 10.11.5

Xojo: Xojo 2016r1.1

Regression: Yes

Steps: The attached project contains a multiple timer that switches the window visibility from true to false and back every second.

In 2016R1.1, as well as all the numbers since 2014R1.1 I tested, the window disappears and never comes back…

The only edition that does not exhibit the issue I have on my disk is 2013R1, where the window blinks as expected.

Expected Result:
Window appears and disappears every second.

Actual Result:
Window goes away for good.

Use Window.Show


The issue does not present under Windows.

Michael, I think that case #43732 is the same as case #29657 which was filed Sept. 18, 2013. If you agree you should ask for them to be combined so we get a higher ranking. It has been on my top cases list for some time.

Indeed this is the same bug. I have asked for the two cases to be merged.

I cannot really understand why since 2013 the matter has never been addressed. What happened between 2013R1 and 2013R4.1, and why did Xojo for over two years not correct a regression that on the surface looks simple enough to fix ?

BTW Another workaround : setting the window width to zero makes it invisible, setting it back to its normal value reveals it.