Why Jeremies WEB-Kit support is totally missing?

Worst, he send discredits to the Xojo plug-in industry :frowning:

And those who dislike the third party stuff(plug-in use), they now can say “this is the reason why I dislike the use of…”

For new buyers: you have some Alerts from this Forum, now do not cry if you need support and do not get it. Sorry all.

indeed, what a shame.

The past five months have been very difficult for me. I am not looking for excuses and only wish to apologize for my lack of professional support.
Although I have been very active on the iOS section of this forum, helping many developers wishing to use features not available in the Xojo framework, I must admit that I should have given the same attention to the rest of the forum and given better support to my customers.

Since the birth of my first son in October, I have had a hard time managing time between a newborn baby, a wife in pain, an iOS app business and Xojo custom controls for you fellow developers.
Growing a business is difficult and brings many challenges. I must now admit that I have failed in many ways especially because of the lack of support lately.

If you have purchased something from jeremieleroy.com and would like a refund, please contact me directly, my email is contact @@@ jeremieleroy.com
If you need support for any purchase you have made, please contact me at the same email address, I will make sure to help you in a timely manner and hope to not disappoint you again.

Congratulations with your son. First year is tough, but it will only get better.

Thank you Alwyn, it is indeed very tough.

If you’re unable to support your product you should stop trying to sell it.

Jeremie, if you are unable to have a son and continue to work, just not have son ! :slight_smile:
Congratulations, I don’t use your products, and I can understand people waiting for support are upset. I can understand too that become a father did perturb you. Effectivly, most of the time the new mother feel bad for some weeks.

Jeremie, just a tip.
When you are unable to give support for private reasons, put a message on your website that support will be at a low level.
This way your customers know that there are (private) problems and are more willing to wait.


thank you for responding to the community and we are happy to hear of the news of your son. I think one of the main issues here is the communication aspect and there are probably some simple things that can be put in place to notify a user of the following:

  • receiving communication.
  • expected response time.
  • FAQ / documents / etc. that exist today that might help the user with their current inquiry.

Reading a number of @Susan Fennema post on the forum as well as reviewing her web site material, I think she would be an amazing person to contact to assist you with processes that could be implemented to assist you with work / life balance topics.

Please take this as someone who wants to ensure your success as you do make really neat plugins and tools :slight_smile:

I am happy you are well and the fact of your poor support was due to tough but welcomed family events and changing roles . I personally like your beautiful plugins and i hope fir you shortly to publish a full documentarion and offer timely support and do not dissapoint any of you customers who struggle for their iwn bussiness and they are trusting you, never again. As with the support i think that it may needs time fixing a problem, expecially when other family/personal issues arised, but at the same time i think that in most cases the support is about answering some questions regarding the correct use of your product… something that for a developer is a matter of minutes. As i said i like to make use some of your beautiful designs, so i do not want a refund but i hope to get some help in order to get my app beautiful working. I will contact you soon in the address you provided. Your message was very sincere regarding human affairs and I am ok with your sayings.
Growing a business is difficult and brings many challenges. Congratulation for your newborn son and wish you the best in your new and old roles, as a father and a husband and a developer and a business man :slight_smile: