Where is the listing for movieplayer format

Where is the listing for movieplayer (or movie) format? There is no shortcut for it and I have looked at appropriate names.

What I’d like to find out is if only handles movies, or can it show pictures also?

I don’t believe it can do that. But perhaps thiis other thread gives you some inspiration.

Thanks. That is what I was leaning to.

The author, Oliver Janz, wanted to get a preview, but I don’t see that, in my limited knowlege as a property. Is there a way to get that to an image well or canvas?

I have the code to do this for the macOS, but it would be limited to the macOS only.

What was being suggested on the other thread assumes you have the picture representing the video you want already available; meaning for each video you have a corresponding picture that goes with it - if that is what you were looking at. If you want to “capture” a frame (picture) from the video to then display it in the ImageWell or Canvas, there have been several threads out there about using EditableMovie which has been deprecated for a while now. Sam is very prominent in some of those threads with solutions for MacOS. If you are really after something like this you may want to check MBSPlugins (if you have access to them), and/or look at declares (the ones for MacOS Sam most likely have).