Websession.URL gets the Identifier? Bug?

I don’t think Session.URL is broken, modifying it to include the base url would break user code.

This will need a new Session.BaseURL, or similar. Same for WebRequest, which already has a Path property.

Well i don’t think anyone is using something that is not much more than “/” + Session.Identifier… ?
It will be breaking less project than it will be causing confusion in the future…

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This will cause even more confusion on what to use …
Do deprecate (R4) Session.URL on the same version then and remove (R5) it in the version after it.
This will cause less looking for what is what, and more given-what-to-expect by autocomplete (as many will work from this)

Disclaimer; This is what has done if i were in xojo power. …:wink:

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Luckily you’re not. Changes like this not only affect user projects but also code libraries, making them not compatible across versions.

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