[Webframework 1] Increasing Memory consumption without usage

I’ve tested your leak finder but this isn’t going to work since it will only look for leaks in user-created controls. The leaks are not in the user part but in the Xojo part (internal code) it may be more useful for Xojo to use the leak finder to their own purposes of internal debugging for leaks.

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Hey Cristian,
I tried to modify your leakfinder to run in a webproject, but I dind’t got the principles well. It tells me in even dead simple fresh webapp with two buttons an a weblabel, that i have about 440 leaks.

I’ll attach the file. I think I made some mistakes in alterting your code. Perhaps you can implement webapp functionality into your leakfinder?

great project though!


Well, I made a few improvements here. Like ignoring the WebStyle, which has a WeakRef back to owner.

But I look on stats. I run app, it has one session, dictionaries, arrays and so on. Now I make 10 sessions. Let those time out and look on stats and the numbers go down to pretty the same as before.

Can someone provide a sample project, where we can start 10 sessions click a button to do some things and show a memory increase (also runtime.objectcount increase)?

As it leaks over time “doing nothing”, that “nothing” may be attached to a task fired by an internal timer of the framework or a background task. It’s not related to a “click of button”. Not sure, but I think I’ve read that Greg found the culprit of the HandleURL part, the other one I don’t know. Maybe it will be partially fixed for 2021r1.

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can you share it?

I’ll be included with next pr.

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