WebDialog palette replacement?

Ah, thanks. I did receive a notification only for this thread.

Thank you, @Attilio_Punzi1!

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One simple thing is also the following:

Since Xojo Web 2.0 uses jQuery, you can simply also use jQuery UI.

Load jQueryUI into your app over the httpheader in the app object. Then call the draggable method over ExecuteJavascript with the controlId of your webdialog and you’re done.

With jquery you’re also able to hide the background. Most simple thing I think.


Thank you Lars.
It is simple when you know what to do, now I need to go learn this JQuery thing. I’ll try to do this after work today.

I took the 10 minutes and made a test project for you:

Still feels clunky and needs a bit love with css and so, but works and only uses 10 LoC or so.

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Thank you, I will try to do it before looking at your code.

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