Uploading through WebFileUploader

I am using WebFileUploader to upload audio/video files. I am just trying to move files to my xojo cloud directory.

It works good for small files (Less than 5mb) but when i try to upload files greater than 5 mb it takes long time or sometimes get failed.

Can anyone tell the way to upload files on server in case i am missing something ?

Can we do something to speed up WebFileUploader?

Which version of Xojo are you using? I believe there are still issues with the WebFileUploader in Web 2.0 (2021 r1.1). There’s a workaround in this post - WebFileUploader critical bug in 2021R1.1 .
Another option is GraffitiSuite’s upload control

I am using Xojo 2019 r1

If you are a GraffitiSuite Web Edition customer, you also have access to the old Web 1.0 products, though they are no longer actively supported.