Unique hardware identifier (example project / code ?)

One last thing I’d like to add (from experience), is that you should allow your verified user a way of seeing what their number is.

We sell our software through various sites, but only one actually allows us to see customer records. So basically we have no idea what serial number customers were issued, unless they purchase directly from us.

I’ve currently got a customer who’s mighty pissed at this, because he can’t recall where he purchased it from, his e-mails don’t match any records in our system and he simply wants to install his software on his new Mac. The serial number is encrypted into the preferences, so I have no way of reading it, and I haven’t provided any way within the apps for the customer to view his serial number.

He claims to have searched his e-mail, but can’t find his original order. While it’s not really my problem, this customer is getting more and more irate and I’ve done what I can (short of giving him free copies).

Just shelled out the $24 for the plug-in! Is it really gona take 24 hours for a key ?

I have no idea, I bought it several years ago. I haven’t had much interaction with them so I can’t really say how quick they are.

Dang… I bought ToringoLib :confused: I think I meant to buy ToringoDRMInfo… They’re the same price hopefully they can work with me on that.

Also it says real basic… i’m hoping it works with xojo too :frowning:

I guess the only thing with this… is volume( 0 ) could change …

Yes, I use it with Xojo. They had to make a change with one of the libs when first Xojo came out, but after no problems.

Thanks for your help, I’m using it in debug right now and its working perfectly. Just need to get that license key for toringo :slight_smile:

Great, just email them and tell them that you meant to purchase the ToringoDRMInfo plugin, I can’t imagine why they would not change the order. But it is there product so work it out with them. I think I bought both of them years ago, has worked well for us.

Thanks again for your help and everyone else too, and thanks to Jon[quote=131125:@scott boss]I have broken people’s security (not on purpose) when it was tied to hardware. How did I do it? rearranging the PCI cards in the computer.

I broke CA’s hardware tie in bye changing which banks have memory in them. Nothing else.

And today with virtual hardware (virtual machines), it is even easier to get around it.

I would consider another way to tie the software to a user and to prevent piracy.[/quote]

All I’m trying to do is not make it incredibly easy (i.e, copy file where license is stored and share it)

To get the system UUID you can use this command in a shell:

UNIX command:
ioreg -rd1 -c IOPlatformExpertDevice | awk ‘/IOPlatformUUID/ { print $3; }’


Sam, is this something we would expect to be constant. I set this up as an identifier last name, but this morning it had changed. Further, I get different results from volume( 0 ).creationDate.totalSecond in Xojo 2014r2.1 and the new version. I’m not getting nonsense values, so it appears to be working, it is just returning numbers that are a little different. From what I had read, I was expecting to be the constant, is that incorrect?

Yeah it should be the date that the hard disk drive was ‘created’, so it shouldn’t change unless the disk is reformatted.

What OS and have you tried restarting (seems to fix Mac problems as well as Windows).

It was on Windows, was the same all last night in testing. First thing today, I start up the computer and it was changed in my first test run. Also, 2014r2.1 returns something slightly different than 2015r3b2. I’ll have to do some more experimenting.