Tutorial for Security Scoped Bookmarksl

Thanks Sam. I’ll try and skim through older versions of xDev if I can find them. I don’t really expect to make any money from this one. It’s more of a test run and just bragging rights to my buddies. Maybe between MBS, and xDev I can glean enough to understand and re-write the tutorial with the caveats as necessary. Everyone seems to have the same answer with SSB’s (not single side band). You would think that Apple would try a different approach. I left quite a bit of history out of my post. It’s been several months, (over a year) and multiple re-writes in different languages ending back up in XOJO. No one has an easy tutorial. Not even The Eskimo at Apple support who admitted there were none. That’s why I’d like to simplify and write at least one tutorial so others don’t have to go through the same difficulties that I have had so far. When I do post in a public blog for some help, I usually get snide remarks back. It’s nice to have some lighter responses in this forum.

And for completeness I have already skimmed at these links before posting: