Trackpad gestures & Scrollwheel head scratching

and MacFrameworks plugin.

It works here, but I need to enable gestures in system preferences for trackpad.
And the mouse must be over the example window, but not over the listbox.
(you can move listbox to back to have custom view on top of listbox and capture there)

Sigh… the listbox was in front.

Never mind. This is too frustrating

I changed the example for next version…

[quote=378043:@Jeff Tullin]Bought that. Thanks Sam.
Going to be …interesting… getting that to work. :)[/quote]
Let me know if you need any help with code in the article, I seem to recall there is a project you can download linked in the article.

Sadly I can’t help you with Windows (at the moment).

Thanks Sam.
I’ll go through the article and then see what I end up with, but… in a day or two.
I cant face any more today. :slight_smile: